Monday, August 10, 2009

Green Chilie Mania!

In New Mexico there are green chilies in everything you eat, seriously, not exaggerating. You eat them for breakfast in your eggs, at lunch in your sandwich or taco, and for dinner in a number of different ways. They love this stuff in NM.

Driving back from Bloomfield to Farmington, we saw some for sale. According to Pat, I got the full authentic green chilie experience. We parked the car opened the door and were overhelmed by the amazing smell of roasted green chilies. The guys selling them were all Mexican and barely spoke any english.

They take a burlap bag of the chilies and throw them in a rotating cage over a propane heater. One guy turns it on, while the other turns them like a rotisserie. It takes about three minutes to roast them. the chilies are thrown back in the bag and you buy the entire bags worth. Needless to say we have and entire cooler full of green chilies to take home. Yes! Can't wait to eat the food of Pat's people.

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