Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kalimera, part Deux.

Along with climbing nonstop we ate, and ate, and ate some more. Everyone I talked to before the trip said the food would be good, but underestimated just how good it would actually be. I should have known when the dominant plant species were oregano, thyme, basil, and other herbs.

I would have to say my favorite meals were chicken souvlaki and the Greek dinner for two (a combo of a little of everything to share). However, among all our eating adventures we came across something special. This something special consisted of two things that I live for separately, but have never thought of combining them, for whatever reason.

The Espresso Gelato is possibly the absolute best thing that I have ever eaten. Just look at it, beautiful culinary genius!

Some climbing days were a little warm so on those days we would climb half the day then walk across the street and go swimming and snorkeling.

On rest days we saw the sights, beaches, castles, churches, you know, old stuff.
Apparently it was acceptable back in the day for old JDog to cut peoples heads off and put them on platters. This is the point in the trip where we stopped asking questions about the Greek culture and made sure we were in crowded public places at all times.
On our last day, we rented scooters and visited the Sikati Cave. It was a really pretty ride in and a long but nice hike.
Pat and the Verm hiking into Sikati Cave.

The Sikati Cave when you walk up on it. Looks like a meteor hit the side of the hill.

The Verm down climbing into the Cave.
Pat climbing on Morgan 7b+.

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  1. "100 feet up a sick rigpiece on the backbone of the psycho Sikati" okok, the route is only 80 feet long so I'm probly only 65 feet up, but 100 feet sounds cooler!